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Be the king of Royal Castle! The Magnificent Royal Castle features red and blue soldiers with different postures, heraldic shields and spears, 2 jousting tents, horses to sit on, trees, a fire dragon and a working trebuchet. This comprehensive and luxury size set has all you need to create and build your own unique castle layout, by clipping together walls and posts with small neat plastic pegs.

Perfect to play with or add to our Wolf Castle and Dragon Castle.

Age range: 3 Years And Older
Product size: 20.47" x 16.14" x 8.66"
Weight: 4.09 lbs

€10,00 €20,00

Christmas tree provided with a support, a Garland, a star, glitter and magic water to make it bloom!

The principle: place the tree on its stand, bend its branches in a uniform way, set up the star and wreath, pour magic water in the Cup and let the tree adorn themselves with green crystals for 5 to 6 hours.

Once flowering is over, decorate it with glitter!

For best results and long lasting, it is recommended to install the tree in a dark, drafty place and avoid touching.

Safety rated for ages 8+.

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    Reach for the stars with our Life on Mars set. Your little astronauts will love the realistic space station with its communication towers, astronauts and UFOs. Helps to create interest for astrology and science, as well as endless fun and creative role play.

    Age range: 3 Years And Older
    Product size: 17.52" x 17.20" x 7.28"
    Weight: 2.35 lbs

    €5,00 €10,00

    Everyone loves a classic domino track, there's nothing more satisfying than watching each domino knock down the next! This mini domino block set comes with 22 wooden dominoes, with 1 brown domino block, and the rest a mix of red, orange, yellow and natural. Get the whole family involved as you build a domino race track together, or watch as your little works out how best to lay them out. You can also use these mini domino blocks to create tall towers.

    We love the Plan Toys mini games, which are presented in a handy tin to make them ideal as travel toys for weddings at restaurants, or for handy storage for those short on space. It also makes a lovely gift set for a child.

    Comes with 2 domino blocks.

    Each domino block measures 1.75cm x 3.5cm x 0.6cm

    Suitable from 3+. Warning: not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts.

    Sensory toy: hand-eye co-ordination, problem-solving, fine motor skills, logic

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    Use these curve blocks to introduce children to the idea of comparing and contrasting size and height. This wooden maths toy will help expand your child's mathematical vocabulary and build confidence and enthusiasm for geometry and maths. Physical aids such as this will appeal to Montessori educators, home-schoolers, or anyone wanting to expand on problem-solving and logic skills.

    The wooden curve blocks can also be used independently as building blocks, creating bridges, grassy mounds and much more.

    Suitable from age 3+

    This toys measures 14cm (bottom base diameter) x 7cm (cylinder height)

    Sensory toy: fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, problem-solving

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