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This poster is in the form of a picture book. Under each picture there is a word, which allows the child to develop their vocabulary.

To paste the stickers, the child observes the silhouettes of the drawings. If they’re wrong, don't panic, the stickers peel off very easily and can stick back together many times.

This mini poster presents the exciting world of different colours. This poster invites children to discover all things green including; plants, animals, bugs and many more.

  • Contains: 1 educational poster (21 X 29.7 cm) + 26 stickers
  • All ages from 3 years old

The poster is printed on quality paper, very thick, without any folds.

  • Place the poster flat, on a table or on the floor, and start pasting the stickers following the numbers. A bit like a giant coloring page or a puzzle, the poster is covered with drawings all related to the colour green.
  • The child is advised to be independent in the activity. It is an activity that encourages observation. If he is wrong, the very flexible and perfectly repositionable stickers will help him to redo without damaging the poster or the stickers.

Once the educational mini poster is finished, it is intended to decorate the house.

  • You can hang the dinosaur poster on the wall, in any room of the house.
  • You can also frame the poster, for an even more stunning result.
  • Available in: Red, Yellow, Brown, Blue and Green.

French sticker art brand Poppik creates beautiful sticker mosaics on giant posters, fold-out cards and mini cards. Follow the numbered code and place the geometric stickers on the grid… slowly the image will appear! There are different sizes and activities to suit children from age 2 to 100+. A lovely creative activity that promotes calm and concentration.


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Hours of sticker fun with  this Pirate Island Sticker World!

Pirate Island is full of scally wagging pirate fun, and designed to keep little ones happy while mum or dad take some time out at the cafe or when travelling. Packs are compact and light enough to throw in a small backpack to take anywhere.

Each Sticker World contains:
• 4 x full colour scenes to decorate
• 100+ coloured
• 100+ b/w stickers to colour in
• 10 coloured markers

Rec. Age: 4+
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Content : 1 poster (140 x 25 cm) + 750 stickers
Stickers are removable
For kids 3 and up
Designed in France by Matthias Malingreÿ

This activity is for kids from 3 to 6. It strengthens visual recognition (colors and shapes) and movement precision. Poppik is a creative hobby that promotes calm and concentration.
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